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2023. Dalton, Jordan A. “Production, Distribution, and Hybridization

      under the Inca Empire (AD 1400-1534): Analyzing the ceramic

      assemblages from La Centinela and Las Huacas, Chincha Valley”.

      Latin American Antiquity, FirstView: 1-19. doi:10.1017/laq.2023.21  

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       Anthropological Archaeology 66.

2022. Dalton, Jordan A., Colleen O’Shea, Juliana Gómez Mejía and

        Noemi Oncebay Pizzaro. “Mortuary Practices Amid Sociopolitical   

        Changes: interpreting a large communal ossuary at Las Huacas,

        Chincha Valley”. Ñawpa Pacha: Journal of Andean Archaeology


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        Exploring Elite Strategies and Economic Exchange during the Inca

        Empire". Doctoral dissertation, University of Michigan: Ann      


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        en el sitio Arqueológico Las Huacas- Valle Medio de Chincha”.

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2017. Dalton, Jordan A. and Nathaly Damián Domínguez. “Los inca en

         la costa: investigando las transformaciones del sitio Las Huacas en

         el Valle de Chincha”. Cuadernos del Qhapaq Ñan 5: 196-208.


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